mbfBuy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Please. Give me something to bring the magic back to baseball. Because by the time the season actually starts, I am a frazzled, strung-out mess. I’m in a rotisserie baseball league, you see, and I’m online. It’s a nasty combination.’ Last year I spent the entire preseason on the Internet, creating my own scouting reports, analyzing statistics, forecasting performances, and examining injury updates with the zeal of a first-year medical student. I ignored my wife and kids.

I missed meals. I didn’t sleep. But this year, it’ll be different. This year, I’m going to win it all.

Rotisserie baseball is a consuming passion. And as such, it’s hard to define. Most players stutter and mumble when they try to explain the phenomenon to the uninitiated. Glen Waggoner, one of the cofounders …

pristolSkin tags are a less than flattering piece of extra flesh that you can usually see hanging around on a person’s neck, in their armpits and sometimes right on the eyelids. They are completely harmless but that doesn’t mean they are welcomed. There are a lot of people who are unfortunately more prone than others to having skin tags on their bodies. A single person can have anywhere from one to one hundred skin tags on their body at any given time. Newborn babies and overweight people are more susceptible to having skin tags than others.

There are several methods to remove skin tags such as threading, cutting or freezing them off. Another method is using a skin tag removal cream to help you do the trick.

Of all the skin tag removal creams out there Pristine Herbal Touch® is sort of like a hidden gem. Pristine is a smaller company that prides itself on its customer service and on standing behind their products. They indicate they would never sell a product they wouldn’t be willing to use on themselves and their website shows that with their customer testimonials and pictures.

At first glance, Pristine Herbal Touch® seems as though it is designed for warts and moles only. If you read the packaging closely, however, you will discover that it is useful for skin tags as well.

Many creams and oils out on the market require you to apply the ointment twice daily for anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. The nice thing about Pristine Herbal Touch® is that you only need to apply it once. It’s not immediate and it does take some time to go into effect and kill the skin tag, but the fact that you only need to worry about using it once makes it that much better.

You simply open the package and find the scratching implement and scrape at the base of the skin tag. This allows the ointment to work its way down to the root of the skin tag and attack it from within. Once you have done that you apply the ointment and leave it on for about twenty minutes. People have reported to feel a burning sensation while the ointment is applied but it is most definitely bearable.

You know what they say: ‘no pain, no gain’. Well, in this case, loss.

As previously stated, a major benefit of Pristine Herbal Touch® is the fact that you only need to apply it once. Another great benefit is that the ingredients are natural. This means that yes, even though it hurts and maybe burns a bit, that’s most likely because of the lemon. Have you ever sliced a lemon after getting a paper cut? That juice is not the nicest thing to have in a fresh wound. (A solid Pristine Herbal Touch Review is here)

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cosmdttyThe trend of cosmetic dentistry is getting the attention of the people because of its unlimited benefits. The main benefit that you will get from the cosmetic dentistry is getting a good smile. It also lessens the effects of the aging. If we talk about the cosmetic dentists in Tijuana then you get the additional benefits from their services in form of low rates of the treatments. The cosmetic dentists in Tijuana will give you their best but at the same time will also charge you less in terms of price.

So it will be good to get the services of the cosmetic dentists in Tijuana and get the best benefits. In addition to this, the cosmetic dentistry makes you able to get back your broken and decayed teeth. If you have gaps in your teeth, they have turned into …

Twenty years ago it was push-button dialing. Now it’s “push pages.” AT&T Corp. is at it again. As Webmasters hone their servers to provide more specialized information for narrower groups of users, AT&T is pushing World Wide Web pages through cyberspace with the numbers on a telephone keypad.

Consumers Car Club is beta testing a new service from AT&T that melds Car Club’s Web site with AT&T calling services. The pilot, known as Project iA (for instant answers), is taking a unique step in increasing interaction with customers surfing for new cars on the Web.

Consumers Car Club, which acts as an intermediary between 1,600 car dealers and customers who don’t want to haggle to get the best price, is the first customer of the AT&T service, which the telecommunications giant plans to roll out commercially early next year.…

hdcdrMuch like the engine that runs our cars, hard drives are a physical operating component of our everyday computers, which is why a hard drive crash is incredibly catastrophic. See, the hard disk drive is a data storage device that is found inside our computers which is used for storing, retaining, and retrieving data for whenever we need to use it, or whenever we simply open up our computers. When you experience a hard drive crash, you will see a blue screen on your computer, and no matter what else you do, you won’t be able to open or access the files inside. Now sometimes, hard drive failures don’t necessarily mean that the data is completely wiped out but instead, just not readily accessible. Other times though, it’s a different story. So what to do?

Buy a new hard disk …

wonpysThis is the weekend you’ve been looking forward to for a long time: a combination ski and snowmobile trip with your family and your best friend. The weather is perfect. It is a crisp morning with lots of blue sky and an acceptable temperature for winter–45 degrees. The plan is to take to a trail before lunch.

Knowing you have only the weekend, it is hard to fight the temptation to just get on the snowmobile and start down the first trail you see.

“But wait!” Have you asked the most important question before leaving civilization for the great unknown? That question is “What if…?”

What if the weather suddenly turns colder and a biting wind blows up? What if, while you are out on the trail, a blinding snowstorm develops and you can’t see where you’re going? What if …

cud“We really fell in love with the house.”

Dolcy Campbell was talking about the Berwyn, Illinois, home that she, her husband and their three children bought in March 1992.

Yet less than a week later, they put up a “For Sale” sign and made plans to move. Why the sudden change?

Like most of Berwyn’s citizens, the Campbells are hard-working, law-abiding people–with one difference. Most people in Berwyn are white; the Campbells are black.

The day after they moved in, while they were unpacking, someone threw a rock through their window. Three days later, they awoke to find the house’s front porch aflame and the glass front door shattered. Though no one was injured, the police immediately gave them 24-hour protection.

The attacks severely shook the Campbells, radically altered their lives, and tested their faith in people.

“We moved here …

ppuat“5.6 Billion Served!” It may sound like the claim you see at a well-known fast-food restaurant. But it’s not hamburgers. It’s how many people our planet must serve, or support, with food, clean water and air, raw materials for clothes, medicine, and the other necessities–and luxuries–of life. Every year, the number of passengers on spaceship Earth increases by 100 million. By 2020, scientists estimate the Earth will need to support nearly 8 billion people.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, books like The Population Bomb and The Limits to Growth predicted major disasters because of unchecked population growth. These books said the Earth could not feed the expected population of the late 1970s. These predictions did not consider advancements in agricultural science.

The Green Revolution

The reason for these agricultural advancements was a revolution. A green revolution. By applying …

fpeThe new pyramid replaced the long-standing, four-food-group pie chart that has been used to teach nutrition since the 1950s.

Adoption of this pyramid came about after much research, revision, and expense. In fact, the original pyramid was ready to be presented to the public in the spring of 1991. But representatives of the meat and dairy industries voiced their concerns that this pyramid portrayed their food groups in a less positive light than did the decades-old pie chart. After a year of additional research and testing, the USDA came out with a revised version that is supported by the meat and dairy industries, as well as a number of health and consumer groups.

A Look at the Levels

Take a close look at this Food Guide Pyramid. At the bottom is the bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group, the largest …

abcIt’s no secret that hiring independent contractors has its pluses: You don’t have to shell out money for payroll taxes and you can skip the insurance benefits paperwork. But beware: If you directly hire someone as an independent contractor–whether it’s a freelance graphic artist to design your business brochures or a technology consultant to help you set up your Web site–your legal responsibilities aren’t completely lifted. You may be surprised to learn that hiring independent contractors can create liabilities for you.

Liability Loopholes

Sure, business owners who use independent contractors aren’t as liable for worker negligence as when they hire full-time employees. Let’s say you hire Eddie, a full-time employee who makes pickups and deliveries for your publishing business. One day, while Eddie is driving work to the printer, he hits a pedestrian who sues both of you. If Eddie …